Hobo Claus - 11/27/2021

A few weeks ago we added the Anarchist & Thug characters. This weekend we've added one more to the roster of playable characters! Hobo Claus is now available during the Christmas holiday's.  

Casino & Forums Update - 10/28/2021

With Toon Crime's open beta officially releasing this weekend what's coming next? With the beta out and some people already playing the game, we're noticing some features on our roadmap needing more attention then others. So after this weekend we'll be focusing development on bringing in our Casino & Forums update. The Casino will have a variety of gambling mini games such as poker & slot machines. The forums will allow for more interaction in the community.

Halloween Open Beta Trailer - 10/25/2021

Toon Crime's Halloween open beta trailer has released on social media. We're excited to welcome new players this holiday and cant wait for the community to grow.  Watch the trailer HERE

We've launched Open Beta - 10/17/2021

Login with facebook or create a new account today! The game has subtly released ahead of schedule. Play on PC, mobile, tablets and practically any device that has a web browser.

Roadmap - 09/06/2021

Toon Crime's development roadmap for the game is now up on our website. Check it out HERE

Open Beta Release - 09/01/2021

Toon Crime is launching October 30'th 2021 into Open Beta with its Halloween celebration event. You can create a new account or securely login with Facebook. Anyone who plays during the open beta on Halloween will receive exclusive rare in-game items. More information about our beta can be read HERE.