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Welcome to Toon Crime

Take the reins of a criminal underdog, vigilante or super villain. Choose your character, buy vehicles, items, properties, gamble, raise pets and make investments along with various other activities in this quirky virtual world. Some are after money & power, others might chase the high of fame. This is your story, you’ll be able to shape it however you want!


Make investments in banking, properties, real estate, vehicles, items & more. Start your own small business or company. Learn from those who have failed before you and strive to be richest on the leaderboards.

Crimes & Heroism

Commit petty crimes at the start to earn some small change. Over time you'll get better as you level, slowly morphing into a criminal mastermind. Or take up the cape saving the world from ambitious people who prey on the weak.


Purchase some farmland to start growing your own crops. This will open up numerous business oportunities for you to explore. You'll never have to worry about your next meal again.

Player Shops

Open your own personal shop to sell items. Upgrade, design and nurture the business until it becomes lucrative.


Train in the gym, eat the right foods, equip weapons, level your character, make money, earn respect and become a shark on the leaderboards.

Property Management

Getting into real estate is a great way of making extra income. You can earn an hourly ROI if you play your cards right.


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