What is Toon Crime?
Toon Crime is a free to play online browser game where you can create a gangster, super hero or villain character to play as in a quirky virtual world. Visit our About page for more information on the game.

How do I level?
Leveling requires a lot of respect. The more respect you earn the faster you will level! Basically all activities will earn you respect but the best ones are buying/using items, fighting other players and busting/bailing players out of prison.

How do I adopt more then one pet?
Upgrade your house.

How to get money fast?
The fastest way to make money when starting out is doing crimes and more specifically the standard crimes because the success rate is pretty high. Next would be earning rewards by giving other people your personal referral link and voting for the game. This can be done on our REWARDS page.

What happens when I level up?
You will receive a notification congratulating you and rewarding you with +$1000 and +1 gold. The higher level you are the stronger your character is. It also gives you access to level restricted features.

What are player shops?
Once you buy the shop property you'll be able to open and manage your own player shop. Player shops are for selling personal items from your inventory to other players.

How long does it take for energy to regenerate to 100%?
Every 30 min for normal players and every 15 min for VIP members.

What do VIP members get?
VIP badge, access to restricted features, items, twice as fast energy regeneration, mini cash pack +$3000.

How long does VIP last?
VIP access will last you 30 days from purchasing the membership.

How to report an issue?
Email [email protected]